About Daisy

Daisy_with_Child_400x306.jpg Daisy Cooper is the St Albans Liberal Democrats ​parliamentary candidate.

Daisy says: "As your MP, my absolute top priority would be stopping Brexit and avoiding the economic catastrophe of a no-deal crash out at all costs"

She lives in the heart of the city and is a daily commuter on Thameslink. Daisy is known locally for her work to reform the business rates system which has​ hit some local businesses hard. She is also campaigning for a ring-fenced 1p income ​tax increase to fund our NHS and social care services, and for people to have the vote on any Brexit deal.​

Most recently, Daisy was Campaign Director of More United. She previously worked in international affairs for ten years, campaigning for LGBT+ rights abroad and against human rights violations in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, and also in press reform. Daisy also plays violin and piano.

In the 2017 snap General Election, Daisy achieved a 14% increase in the share of the vote and is now the ​only serious​ challenger to the current Conservative Brexiter MP.