Daisy Cooper


Daisy Cooper MP is urging pub-goers, restaurant diners, live music lovers and local night-time businesses to share their views on the importance of the hospitality and entertainment sectors to help MPs develop a plan for their survival and recovery post-pandemic.

The MP for St Albans is asking customers, staff and employees to submit evidence to a cross-party group of MPs – via an online survey – on how these sectors have been impacted by the pandemic and their importance to the cultural and economic life of the UK, including to people’s own personal well-being.

The new cross-party group of MPs and peers was formed to address the critical challenges facing the night-time industries, which are threatened with decimation by the restrictions imposed to fight Covid-19.

Daisy is encouraging all St Albans residents to share their views on what the hospitality and entertainment sectors mean to them. The results will then be presented in a formal report to the Government.

Daisy Cooper MP said:

“Our pubs, bars and music venues are vital to making St Albans the thriving local community we all love. During the past year, all of us have been missing live music, socialising, eating out or just popping into the pub after work for a quick pint.

“The pandemic has left the hospitality and entertainment sectors facing widespread destruction, with hundreds of local businesses and their supply chains suffering, and if we are to save them the Government needs to know how important they are to each and every one of us.

“This all-party initiative is focused on finding clear solutions to ensure these businesses can make it to the other side of the pandemic, and I’d encourage everyone in St Albans to take part and make their voices heard.” 

Please note: This survey has now closed and the results can be seen at www.ntia.co.uk/appg