Daisy Cooper

Jo Swinson joins Daisy on St Albans election trail

Jo Swinson, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, visited St Albans to boost our campaign during the district council elections in May. And thanks to her help – and loads of hard work by our many supporters – we went on to win more seats than any other party.

Later Daisy Cooper – our candidate to become St Albans’ next MP – was also joined on the campaign trail by the former leader of the Lib Dems, Sir Vince Cable.

Daisy Cooper with Sir Vince Cable and Joe CollettiHe was visiting the city as part of a national tour and met local businesses and community organisations. He and Daisy Cooper visited Glinwell plc – one of the largest fresh produce companies in the UK – and met with their representatives as well as those from other sectors, including livestock farming, all of whom will be severely affected by Brexit.

“Britain has some of the highest food standards in the world, but Brexit poses a major threat,” Daisy pointed out.

“Nobody wants chlorinated chicken, hormone-fed beef, or the associated animal welfare and public health concerns.

“This Conservative Government is cosying up to Trump and sending a message that British farming and food standards will be the sacrificial lamb to get a US trade deal. This is unacceptable to the public and unacceptable to the Liberal Democrats.”

 Sir Vince and Daisy Cooper were pictured at Smallford Farm Shop and Café, discussing food standards and supplies after Brexit with Joe Colletti, director of Glinwell plc (photo: John Cobb).