Daisy Cooper


Students returning from university can join a series of talks and workshops being offered by the Ollie Foundation to help them cope with stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic.

Ollie’s programme of free Winter Wellbeing online courses, which are taking place throughout December and January, is being supported by Daisy Cooper MP as the focus of her 2020 Christmas Appeal.

Debi Roberts, CEO of Ollie, said:
“The experience for some of our young people has ranged from stressful to traumatic and almost certainly induced heightened states of anxiety. Tragically, there has been at least one suicide in a UK university each week since term began.

“For every additional £150 we raise, we can provide another vital wellbeing session. This would allow us to continue supporting young people into the academic year when they return to school, college and university. It also means we could extend our free support to students in Year 11 too.”

The Ollie Foundation is a St Albans-based suicide prevention charity that provides fully funded training and support to students, educators, parents and health care workers. The Winter Wellbeing programme aims to help manage stress and anxiety, as well as emotional overwhelm, including suicidal crises.

To donate to Daisy’s Christmas Appeal, please visit:

To register your interest in a place on one of the workshops, email: [email protected]

Video: Cambridge University AFC students speak about the support offered by the Ollie Foundation Winter Wellbeing talks

What others are saying about Ollie's work:

“Two weeks ago, after a small insignificant row, my kind, fiercely clever, ‘model student’ 16-year-old son told me he was having suicidal thoughts. It was a complete and utter shock, though with hindsight I realise he had tried to tell me before.  

“I am so grateful to the charity and their founders, and please let them know that their work is helping me and my son at this traumatic time.  You have given me ’permission’ to talk to my son about suicide, and now that we can talk and I feel more in control, I am in a far better position to support him. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 

Young adult:
“Just to say thanks for everything you have done for me. You helped me during some really tough times when I didn’t know which way to turn.  I was lucky to have found Ollie.”

Year 10 student:
“I enjoyed the workshop as it was extremely eye-opening. I learnt many techniques to help me cope in stressful situations. I enjoyed that it was over Zoom as human interaction can sometimes scare me. The trainers were extremely understanding and helped me to talk about topics that I would normally struggle to talk about.”