Daisy Cooper

Outreach team helps democracy take root among Woodcraft Folk

Members of St Albans Woodcraft Folk were inspired to debate a range of issues affecting young people during a visit from MP Daisy Cooper and the UK Parliament outreach team.

Daisy Cooper and St Albans Woodcraft Folk
The visit was designed to help them gain a better understanding of how UK democracy works – and how to get their voices heard on issues that matter to them.

“The young people were talking about it long after Daisy’s visit and we discussed a variety of things about St Albans – in particular stress and mental health among the young, and a lack of provision for them to do activities,” said UK Parliament outreach officer Sky Yarlett.

The outreach team are returning to St Albans from 22 to 26 June and are offering free workshops and presentations to local schools, colleges, and youth and community groups.

“The team’s return to St Albans in June is an amazing opportunity,” said Daisy.

“I’ve seen at first hand the value of their work when I visited the Woodcraft Folk, and in parliament where I’ve met two school groups.”

For more information, email Daisy Cooper’s office at [email protected]

Members of St Albans Woodcraft Folk are pictured with Daisy Cooper MP in her hallmark yellow scarf and Sky Yarlett to her left. Photo credit: Richard Piper