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A green investment bank, a new government climate change department, and extra powers for local councils to cut emissions and put an end to fracking are among a raft of measures designed to achieve ambitious new climate change targets set by Liberal Democrats ahead of a likely general election.

The Liberal Democrats are committed to reducing the UK’s emission of greenhouse gases to net-zero by 2045, five years earlier than the Government’s target, to ending the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, and to launching a 10-year emergency programme to cut energy consumption.

“All the signs are that global warming is speeding up, with the past five years the hottest on record. Liberal Democrats recognise the need to take bold steps if we’re to save the planet for our children,” said Daisy Cooper, St Albans Liberal Democrats parliamentary candidate, after this year’s party conference in Bournemouth approved the plans.

Massive expansion of electric cars
“A Liberal Democrat government would suspend airport expansion, put an end to fracking, and begin a massive expansion of electric cars.

“We also recognise that to tackle the climate crisis we need to transform our economy, so we will launch a green investment bank, with the goal to make the UK the green finance capital of the world.

“We will also give councils powers to build emission targets into decision-making at local level, and support the roll-out of innovation hubs and skills development across the regions, with funding for communities most affected by the transition to a zero-carbon economy.”

Working and investing across borders
“And we will work with other countries to tackle climate-change at a European and global level, which includes stopping Brexit and working and investing across borders with our neighbours.”       

  • Daisy Cooper is pictured with a young environment campaigner at a Ver Valley Society event to highlight the damage to the River Ver, St Albans’ rare and endangered chalk stream (photo credit: St Albans Liberal Democrats)

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