Daisy Cooper

Daisy backs tech company’s call for ‘immigration system that works’

The need for an effective immigration policy to ensure the future success of hi-tech businesses in the UK was endorsed by Daisy Cooper after a visit to Imagination Technology. Continue reading

Layla Moran seeks pupils’ views on future of education

Two A-level politics students were asked for their views on the future of the school system by Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Layla Moran on a visit to St Albans. Continue reading

Luton Airport expansion: A statement from Daisy Cooper

The climate crisis is the biggest issue facing the world today. Emissions from aviation are particularly harmful given that they are emitted high in the atmosphere. Britain should not be expanding climate shredding airports in Luton or anywhere else. Continue reading

Daisy launches general election campaign with call to 'stop Brexit'

Stopping Brexit and building a brighter future was Liberal Democrat candidate Daisy Cooper’s message to more than 100 supporters who rallied for the launch of her general election campaign. Continue reading


A green investment bank, a new government climate change department, and extra powers for local councils to cut emissions and put an end to fracking are among a raft of measures designed to achieve ambitious new climate change targets set by Liberal Democrats ahead of a likely general election. Continue reading

Together, We Can and We Must Stop Brexit

With Boris Johnson threatening to pull Britain out of Europe without a deal, more and more people are joining Liberal Democrat Daisy Cooper’s campaign to stop Brexit. Continue reading

Petition calls on Government to find emergency cash for schools

The school funding crisis is hitting schools hard across St Albans – and Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to provide an emergency cash injection. Continue reading

St Albans votes unanimously to recognise climate emergency

St Albans City and District Council, led by the Liberal Democrats, has agreed unanimously to recognise the climate emergency. Continue reading

Jo Swinson joins Daisy on St Albans election trail

Jo Swinson, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, visited St Albans to boost our campaign during the district council elections in May. And thanks to her help – and loads of hard work by our many supporters – we went on to win more seats than any other party. Continue reading